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Let alone that I shared them with you." Alfred: "LOL. Everybody has secrets." Betty: "So you have them too? " Alfred: "Like I said in the thread, we're not here to talk about my secrets. But know that nothing you tell me is going to make me think any less of you. I want you to tell me what it is." Betty: "Oh I think this will." Alfred: "Try me. And maybe that's the way it should be." Alfred: "Why? I think it might be nice to tell someone what I've been dreaming of. How can I be sure that you're not going to tell the world about me? Trust me when I tell you that the only two people who will ever know about this conversation is you and me.But are they honestly going to sit there and count off the over 300 million users that use P2P, probably gaining new users every day?The lesson here, is that the Bittorrent and other, similar clients make is extremely hard to track someone downloading anything. " Betty: "I'm not sure that I should be telling you something that I don't even tell my husband. " Betty: "Pretty much, in one form or another." Alfred: "So you fantasize about it then." Betty: "Yes." Alfred: "You think about when? You fantasize about your secret when you touch and play with your pussy." Betty: "Yes." Alfred: "Tell me what you fantasize about when you're fingering your wet cunt." Betty: "Its gross." Alfred: "Let me decided for myself Betty if I think its gross. " Betty: "Yes." Alfred: "Why don't you tell me one of them." Betty: "I'm thinking that maybe this isn't the best thing." Alfred: "Why? " Betty: "No." Alfred: "And have you always had this secret? When I'm you know, alone in bed." Alfred: "When you masturbate Betty? This is pointless." Alfred: "You didn't let me finish Betty. You have to trust my words when I tell you that I won't." Betty: "Oh. " Alfred: "To tell me what goes on in your mind when your fingers are going in between your legs Betty.

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